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WELCOME  to  Moonlight Innovation 



Currently undergoing commercialisation, this is our marquee project. We have developed a simple and intuitive solution to vastly improve the usability of laptops and tablets. Our prototype is completed and has been widely praised. We are expecting to launch this project in the forth quarter of 2023.




Sea Friend is deep in the design process. A clever blend of old school and cutting edge technology is slowly coming together to form what will be a world-first in coastal safety management systems. Sea Friend is being designed to provide a solution to allow humans to engage with their coastal environments while protecting the marine life.

City Street Sleeping

Moonlight has lent its creativity towards finding a solution to consistent safe overnight shelter, shower and care for people dealing with unstable living arrangements. This project is working towards delivering a combination of mobile shelters and affordable fixed dwellings. It’s a whole new take. We welcome collaboration from affordable social housing platforms to assist in realising this project. 

Moonlights Journey

The spark that led to the creation of Moonlight Innovation began for its founder Luke Hawes late one night, as many brilliant ideas do. At the time, he was on his hands and knees on the kitchen floor searching for broken glass, concerned that his daughter may stand on it in the morning.


Luke always delved deep to understand the inner workings and meaning of almost everything that he came into contact with in his life. He wanted to know things inside out, himself included. Inspired at this moment to protect and improve conditions for his daughter, Luke decided he would dedicate himself to something that would support a better world. 


Capable of understanding almost anything of a mechanical nature from a young age, Luke followed a path of invention building everything on wheels, to houses and boats. Later, he began to realise through these processes that he had a skill for understanding the inner workings of things and could construct or deconstruct literally anything in his mind’s eye. 

Combining this skill with a passion for engineering, safety, design and problem solving and wanting to leave his daughter and the world with a healthier and cleaner environment. Luke took his skills and started building. Several projects later, he has created what many believe to be the world’s best laptop and tablet stand and brought Moonlight Innovation to life.


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